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Foreign trade salesman: 2

One year above work experience, English level six or above, good oral English, international trade major.Familiar with office software,

Strong sense of responsibility, dedication, good communication ability.

1, familiar with foreign trade management process, integrity,can be integrated into the corporate culture and develop together with the enterprise

2, proficient in marketing management knowledge and import and export business, familiar with brand management, public relations, legal knowledge.

3, standard Mandarin, have stronger English to listen, say,read, write the ability;

4, skilled use of the network platform

5, about 25 years of age

Female is preferred, English did not reach the six leveldeclined!

Network sale member 2

1, network marketing experience, can the independentopen shop

2, college degree or above, be familiar with network operation platform

3, a strong sense of responsibility, dedication

4, sex not limited to, female is preferred


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